Business Opportunities in Rail Transport

Industry Report

Posted on June 22, 2022

The economy of the Philippines is one of the most dynamic economies in the Southeast Asian Region, its growth is due to increases in urban areas, rising middle class, and relatively younger population. The current state of the railway sector in the Philippines presents many opportunities for investment.

There have been improvements in the railway sector with the introduction of the LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 lines, reactivating the PNR Tutuban-Alabang line and the South Line, as well as the enactment of various government policies and legislation.

View of Manila

The Philippine Development Plan (PDP) and the current administration’s “Build, Build, Build” program have made substantial investments in improving the mass transportation systems, particularly the railway systems. There are six railway projects that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has lined up for implementation from 2017 and beyond.

The establishment of the Philippine Railway Institute (PRI) creates opportunities for Swiss firms to help train and improve the quality of human capital needs for operation and maintenance of the railway systems in the country.

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