A collage of different business industries of PSBC members

Collective Drive for Business Growth

We at SwissCham Philippines welcome all Philippine companies who are currently engaged in business and/or trade – or those who would like to pursue opportunities with – with Switzerland. Likewise, we very much welcome Swiss and foreign-registered companies interested to pursue Philippine-Swiss business and trade.

Our membership represents a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, software development, pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods, logistics, hospitality, retail, finance, technology, realty, construction, and trade and professional services. This is the Chamber’s strength, with our range and scope cutting across sectors to help further the growth of Philippine-Swiss business collaboration. Our advocacies for business and communities complement our services for our members that ensure a collective Purpose.

We look forward to expanding our membership to businesses interested to: initiate and maintain links with Switzerland; gain a foothold in both the Philippine and Swiss markets; and, participate in making a sustained Philippine-Swiss impact in the ASEAN region and wider Europe.

Member Benefits

The main benefit for Council members is their representation, through the Council, in business activities – even participation in bilateral relations – between the Philippines and Switzerland. This strong partnership between the countries invariably increases in terms of range and scope even beyond Philippine-Switzerland relations in the background of global collaboration and international cooperation.

Council members can avail of the following:

Business Consultations

Business Matching

Conducted within the Philippines and in cooperation with Swiss companies in Switzerland, with opportunities to participate in business delegations for investment opportunities or partnerships.

Base Information

With its seasoned officers and active members, the Council becomes a repository of information on the economies and the future development of sectors from both countries.

Market Research / Industry Study

Through affiliated research companies and managed by the Council, professional industry studies that include consultation on business feasibility plans can be provided.

FTA Technical Consultation

In collaboration with the Philippine government and the Swiss Embassy, the Council can conduct technical consultations and business advice on the Free Trade Agreement between the Philippines and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Proactive Collaboration and Information

Executive Chat Series

With a program and agenda designed for a more customized and personal approach, this is an informal meeting for a small group of members who interact and discuss achievements and challenges in doing business that leads to collaboration for business solutions and possible business relationships. These Coffee Talks are currently conducted on a virtual mode.

Roundtable Discussions

The Council develops and conducts formal discussions and fora within specific subjects of interests to and for members within the scope of social, environment, and economic concerns or their effects on business. These are conducted in either the forms of: Sectoral Forum; Special Subject of Interest; and, Learning Focus (within a plenary format).

Specific Business Forum

Depending on the subject of the forum, the Council collaborates with interested members on their own subject matter. Participation is then sought, when appropriate, with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Swiss Embassy, the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Global Enterprise (SEG), the Hong Kong Swiss Business Council, and other complementing organizations.

Trade Exhibits and Business Tours

Depending on the specific interests of the membership, trade and business exhibits as well as tours of facilities of collaborating companies or manufacturers are arranged. These activities are currently conducted on a virtual mode.

Business Bulletins

Alerts on the latest trends and updates in conducting business in the Philippines and Switzerland.

Members will be receiving the following:

  • Daily News Clips (Philippines and Switzerland)
  • SwissCham Philippines Business E-Journal

Regulatory Assessments

The Council provides its members with information on regulatory requirements and, whenever possible, assists in how to navigate the process of business qualifications. These may be in the form of import and export process, permits, and certifications.

Representation and Formal Introductions

The Council, operating under the auspices of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, may assist members with introductions to regulatory bodies such as the Joint Economic Commission, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Board of Investment, among others.

Member In Focus

A feature of a member in the PSBC Newsletter and/or website with a narrative on their company, products, services, and their impact on the economy and the communities that they serve.

Business Beyond

Health and Economic Wellness Programs

These are non-business-specific activities that complement or affect business achievements and challenges, such as the pooling of vaccine purchases, employee engagement, occupational health and safety, among others.

Collaboration for Sustainability

Sustainability. One word that describes social consciousness and corporate governance while encompassing all aspects of a business' future. Learn from - and even collaborate with - one another in ensuring business sustainability through community involvement, standards development, and other programs

Health and Economic Wellness Updates

Weekly Council updates on the subject.

Mentorship and Traineeship

A program that aims to contribute to job skill matching and upgrade with participation from Council members.

Volunteer your expertise and experience

We need your competencies either as a:

  • Sector Expert - Company. Provide your company's experience in its field of business and operations through technical advice, training, consultations or speaking engagements.
  • Sector Expert - Consultant (Individual). Participate with your own experience and expertise in your field of specialty as an advisor, a trainer-facilitator, a resource speaker or subject matter expert.
  • Mentor. Join as an active member in the Mentorship and Traineeship Program and even participate in capacity building programs. 
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